The MSP market is Dead! Long live the MSPs.

The MSP (Managed Service Provider) business is in trouble, there’s no ignoring that. For sure, if you read the tool-vendor articles, business is booming, but the feedback I hear from MSPs isn’t positive. Believing the vendors is a bit like walking into a car dealership and asking the salesman if you need to buy a […]

The Capability-Engagement Model – Mixed-Role Performance Modelling

In my chosen career I’m fortunate enough to wear three hats, Diversity & Inclusion Consultant, Business Management Coach and Research Academic. It’s given me an insight into the challenges of objectively assessing and categorising individual, team, and organisational performance. The most consistent topic that rears its head the most is, ‘How do I understand my […]

Cloud Computing Optimisation and Pandemic Survival: One Supporting the Other

Introduction Covid-19 has placed many organisations under immense pressure to adjust their business model in a manner that enables them to not just initially survive the pandemic but to find a way to adapt and grow to a new, organically changing and at times, unpredictable operating environment. Managing an organisations cost-base has come under ever-increasing […]

Earned Value – Why Not ?

Ok, so you might have heard of Earned Value (EV) but what is it and why isn’t it an important factor in a lot of projects? It’s a tough one to say why it’s not used a lot. Away from construction projects, in the past 20 or so years I’ve only ever seen it being […]

FoMo – Probably Your Primary Business and Personal Risk

Before you panic and think I’ve turned to the dark side and embraced LOL’s, BRB’s, and BTW nonsense favouring text message speak I urge you to relax. FoMo is a real term, yes, its an abbreviation but this one is a bit more serious. FoMo is short for Fear of Missing out and I promise […]

Why Change Management Fails, my Top 20 list

Change is like taxes, inevitable. George Bernard Shaw once wrote that ‘Progress is impossible without change; and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything’. With this in mind, why does change seem so difficult?  There is no single answer to this question. It’s often a combination of influences that, hamper progress. W. Edwards […]

Time travel, I’ve started to use it every day

Ok, I confess that the title whilst intriguing, has used more than a little literary licence but there is an element of truth behind it. You see, I’m using the past as I write this article on a 1968 Remington typewriter. I find that it makes me think in a completely different way from how […]

When ‘Doing Agile’ isn’t Always about being ‘Sustainably Agile’

Agile is the modern way of delivering our products and it certainly adds real value to our customers but there are times when we simply get it wrong. I want to focus upon one aspect of being Agile, the idea of ‘Working software over comprehensive documentation’. Anyone that has trained in Agile will recognise this as […]

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