Rachael Evans MA, FCMI


I’m a Change Management Consultant, former FX Trader, Senior Vice President at Bank of America, Interim COO of the Bank of London Middle East, I’ve worked with HSBC in London, Credit Suisse and UBS in Switzerland, and Morgan Stanley in New York. My career has consistently required the design, implementation and support of international organisations across the globe for over 25 years. I’ve worked across the globe and led distributed, matrix teams exceeding 100 members whilst holding accountability for budgets exceeding $60 Million. I’m a published business author who has completed multiple post-grads. I am currently researching for my PhD and I adore supporting SME’s in identifying and adapting to the changing business world. My management experience was recognised through my appointment as a Fellow of the UK’s Chartered Management Institute.

I started my career in the Royal Navy as a photographer training in public relations and media management. After leaving the Royal Navy I qualified as a journalist working in the UK and back home in Ireland with my work appearing in the Daily Mail, Irish Independent, The Guardian, Irish Times, GQ, Hello, and many others where I continue to work as a freelance writer until entering the banking and academic professions.

My career always had a strong business focus and upon entering financial services I became an FX Trader until the advent of the Euro and digital trading. My career then moved into operations management and eventually alternative financial models where she found my true passion. In 2013 I completed an applied research masters in Islamic Finance graduating as their first non-Muslim, non-Arabic speaking academic. I’ve previously undertaken MBA studies with the UK’s Open University and I’ve completed five other post-grads since then. I’m now researching for my ‘ab initio’ Ph.D.

I’ve worked extensively across the globe in numerous countries including the UK, Ireland, the US, India, and Switzerland.


Away from work I’m happily married with one daughter and I love collecting and using 1930’s to 1960’s manual, portable typewriters and playing jazz guitar albeit very badly.

Lecturing at a recent Conference

The IMD, Lausanne, Switzerland