When ‘Doing Agile’ isn’t Always about being ‘Sustainably Agile’

Agile is the modern way of delivering our products and it certainly adds real value to our customers but there are times when we simply get it wrong. I want to focus upon one aspect of being Agile, the idea of ‘Working software over comprehensive documentation’. Anyone that has trained in Agile will recognise this as […]

Increasing the Outlook Attachment Size Limit

Working from home has created a difficult challenge for some as they email files across to colleagues and then come up against the 20MB file size limitations that Outlook creates by default. I’ve been asked a few times to help others address this, so I thought I’d share the guidance I’ve given them by illustrating […]

The IT Business – Ladies, we have this, let’s stop letting the men lead

Bill Gates, Larry Ellison, Steve Jobs. What do they have in common? They’re men and they’re the pioneers of technology that we constantly talk about, that we place on the pedestal of IT Gods. But whilst they made great strides, they were Apostles and not Gods. The lady at the top of the picture, she’s […]

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