Cloud Computing Optimisation and Pandemic Survival: One Supporting the Other

Introduction Covid-19 has placed many organisations under immense pressure to adjust their business model in a manner that enables them to not just initially survive the pandemic but to find a way to adapt and grow to a new, organically changing and at times, unpredictable operating environment. Managing an organisations cost-base has come under ever-increasing […]

Is your computer being hijacked to mine Crypto-Currency?

We’ve all sat on our computers surfing the web maybe we’re shopping, researching or going with the flow and we’ve come across those moments when things start to slow down or our computer starts to behave a little more erratically. There may be a very simple explanation, your computer may have been hijacked by crypto-currency […]

‘To Agile or not to Agile’ – That is the Question

As I write this sat at my keyboard, I have The Ride of the Valkyries tune in my head with the image of helicopters coming towards me not full of soldiers from Vietnam but of Scrum Masters and self-proclaimed Agile Guru’s rising up in defence of a methodology. I pause nervous of what I am […]

Earned Value – Why Not ?

Ok, so you might have heard of Earned Value (EV) but what is it and why isn’t it an important factor in a lot of projects? It’s a tough one to say why it’s not used a lot. Away from construction projects, in the past 20 or so years I’ve only ever seen it being […]

Technical Debt – Who’s to Blame?

I’ll start with an explanation of technical debt, although its an accepted term, it’s still not a widely known concept. Knowing what technical debt is, what causes it and how it impacts an organisation is moving towards being a critical-mass issue. Technical debt is the overhead or cost associated with working on a project that […]

Low Code/ No Code Development is it ‘a thing’?

There are really two explanations that one can offer to this question, the first is a comparative answer for the IT savvy, Low Code/ No Code (LC/NC) can see comparisons with the 4GL (Fourth Generation Languages) approach seen in the 1990’s and 2000’s. The business answer is that LC/NC is targeted at users who wish […]

FoMo – Probably Your Primary Business and Personal Risk

Before you panic and think I’ve turned to the dark side and embraced LOL’s, BRB’s, and BTW nonsense favouring text message speak I urge you to relax. FoMo is a real term, yes, its an abbreviation but this one is a bit more serious. FoMo is short for Fear of Missing out and I promise […]

Why Change Management Fails, my Top 20 list

Change is like taxes, inevitable. George Bernard Shaw once wrote that ‘Progress is impossible without change; and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything’. With this in mind, why does change seem so difficult?  There is no single answer to this question. It’s often a combination of influences that, hamper progress. W. Edwards […]

Time travel, I’ve started to use it every day

Ok, I confess that the title whilst intriguing, has used more than a little literary licence but there is an element of truth behind it. You see, I’m using the past as I write this article on a 1968 Remington typewriter. I find that it makes me think in a completely different way from how […]

When ‘Doing Agile’ isn’t Always about being ‘Sustainably Agile’

Agile is the modern way of delivering our products and it certainly adds real value to our customers but there are times when we simply get it wrong. I want to focus upon one aspect of being Agile, the idea of ‘Working software over comprehensive documentation’. Anyone that has trained in Agile will recognise this as […]